1. Tackling Poor Work Performance
    Tackling Poor Work Performance
    Dealing with difficult employees is part and parcel of today’s workplace. Many managers don’t even recognise that there is a problem!
  2. Tackling Workplace Investigations
    Tackling Workplace Investigations
    When you have to deal with a discipline, whether conduct or capability, it is vitally important to collect and consider all the facts before taking any action.
  3. Taking Notes in Discipline Hearings
    Taking Notes in Discipline Hearings
    Taking notes is the single thing that all managers can do to make their lives easier. If you don't measure (and note) a matter it you can't manage it. It's not just a question of managing a situation either. If you don't take notes, for example of an informal guidance meeting, a tribunal may well assume that no meeting took place. It needn't be complicated; this Mini gives you hints and tips on taking effective notes.