1. Build Your Dream Team
    Build Your Dream Team
    Recruiting the right staff into your team is the most important responsibility of any manager. More than four in five employers struggle to attract the right talent. The advice in ‘Dream Team’ is aimed at SMEs, taking the best practice from the greatest employers.
  2. Calculating Holiday Pay
    Calculating Holiday Pay
    The right to paid holiday under The Working Time Regulations 1998 gives 5.6 weeks’ paid leave. Holiday pay is based on a week’s normal pay. However, a week's pay may vary depending on the terms of the contract and recent case law to include overtime, commission and shift allowances. In addition, atypical workers - workers who work irregular hours - are also entitled to holiday pay and this can be complicated to work out. This Mini shows you how statutory pay is calculated.
  3. Carrying Out Effective Performance Reviews
    Carrying Out Effective Performance Reviews
    Done well, performance reviews (also known as performance appraisals) have real value for organisations and their employees. But managers often dread carrying out appraisals and it becomes a pointless paper-pushing exercise.
  4. Dealing with Appeals
    Dealing with Appeals
    The ACAS Code provides for a right of appeal to be given to an employee who has been taken through the formal discipline process or who has raised a formal grievance.
  5. Dignity at Work
    Dignity at Work
    Nicknames, banter, jokes are all common in the workplace. But when does harmless fun become illegal? Bullying and harassment are both unacceptable. They can be destructive to the victim and the organisation.