1. Carrying Out Effective Performance Reviews
    Carrying Out Effective Performance Reviews
    Done well, performance reviews (also known as performance appraisals) have real value for organisations and their employees. But managers often dread carrying out appraisals and it becomes a pointless paper-pushing exercise.
  2. Dealing with Appeals
    Dealing with Appeals
    The ACAS Code provides for a right of appeal to be given to an employee who has been taken through the formal discipline process or who has raised a formal grievance.
  3. Dignity at Work
    Dignity at Work
    Nicknames, banter, jokes are all common in the workplace. But when does harmless fun become illegal? Bullying and harassment are both unacceptable. They can be destructive to the victim and the organisation.
  4. Handling Grievances at Work
    Handling Grievances at Work
    In recent years there’s been a significant increase in the number of grievances being raised. Many are raised in good faith, but some are not and are used as delaying tactics and as retaliatory measures.
  5. How to Carry Out a Workplace Investigation
    How to Carry Out a Workplace Investigation
    The weakest link in most organisation’s discipline or grievance procedure is the investigation. While a really rigorous investigation is essential to a well-conducted process, many managers simply skate over the surface and do not collect the relevant data.
  6. Managing Short Term Absence
    Managing Short Term Absence
    With sickness costing UK business £7 billion a year, no manager can afford to let absence escalate unchecked. Teach your managers to manage sickness absence effectively.
  7. Managing the Disciplinary Process
    Managing the Disciplinary Process
    Dealing with difficult employees is part and parcel of today’s workplace. Managers are expected to meet their targets by ensuring that their team delivers against all its own targets. If some team members do not do so, the manager needs to provide correction and guidance.
  8. Recruitment Interviewing
    Recruitment Interviewing
    One of the most important human resources tasks in a business is hiring prospective employees. It’s essential to have the right people to drive the business forward.
  9. Tackling Poor Work Performance
    Tackling Poor Work Performance
    Dealing with difficult employees is part and parcel of today’s workplace. Many managers don’t even recognise that there is a problem!