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    A Year of HR Tips
    Influenced by whatever we were working on that week, this booklet provides a year of HR tips.
  2. HR documents
    Making Redundancies
    Taking employees through a redundancy process is tough. Redundancy is a dismissal so to avoid the risk of claims you must prove you have follow a fair process in a fair way.
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    Managing Poor Work Performance
    Managing poor work performance is the most common complaint by employers costing you hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds every year if left unmanaged.
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    Recruiting the Right Person
    If you get your recruitment process wrong, you can be taken to employment tribunal by someone you’ve never met.
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    Reducing Sickness Absence
    If left unmanaged absence is a serious drain on business, costing you thousands of pounds a year. It places a burden on colleagues and a failure to manage poor attendance can result in poor morale, with a consequent effect on productivity and profitability.
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    Tackling Workplace Investigations
    When you have to deal with a discipline, whether conduct or capability, it is vitally important to collect and consider all the facts before taking any action. Your fact-finding process should be really rigorous, yet many managers simply skate over the surface and do not collect the relevant data.