Knowledge of Disability
16 May 2019
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has recently allowed an appeal by an employee against the original tribunal’s decision to reject her claim for disability related discrimination even though her employer did not originally know that she was disabled.
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References Post-GDPR
09 May 2019
Last month a client received the resignation of an employee who had been offered another job. He had been an unsatisfactory during his brief employment. The client was preparing to start the termination process, though the employee was unaware of that when he resigned. They accepted his resignation and duly completed a reference form from the prospective employer. The reference was quite balanced, and in my view, they erred on the side of generosity.
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Should Employers Offer Bone Density Testing?
02 May 2019
One of the unavoidable facts of life is that we all get older and eventually – even in the fittest - there are changes in the mind and body Now that the default retirement age has gone, employers must manage more age-related illness in the workforce.
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How Can You Help Employees Overcome Loneliness and Depression?
25 April 2019
Last December I was at the airport and looking for something light to read during the flight. Working on the Baz Luhrmann principle (listen to “Sunscreen”: don’t read beauty magazines. They’ll make you feel ugly!),I decided to avoid the women’s magazines and instead picked up Country Walking magazine. And that’s how I came across the Walk 1000 Miles campaign. It was love at first read!
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Want Less Stress and More Productivity? Bring on the Spider Plants
18 April 2019
According to several studies, plants make the workplace calmer and a generally nicer place to be. The concluding statement of research carried out by the Australian nursery and garden industry reads: “This study shows that just one plant per work space can provide a very large lift to staff spirits, and so promote wellbeing and performance”.
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