Beating the Winter Blues
25 September 2019
This year I have started suffering the winter blues very early. They’re not really winter blues so much as Westminster blues. Brexit and parliamentary activities calculated to delay any proper decision, have once again cast uncertainty over the future.
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What Happens to Pension if an Employee is on PHI?
18 September 2019
However secure you think you are, life can throw googlies in the way, so it’s sensible to make provision for the occasional “rainy day” by having the equivalent of three-six months’ worth of household expenses in an easy access bank account.
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The Risks of Voluntary Redundancies
09 September 2019
Some months ago, a client agreed to allow an employee to take voluntary redundancy with an enhanced tax-free payment. Good result, you might think. What’s not to like?
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Redundancy of Sick Employees
04 September 2019
Meaningful consultation is an essential part of the redundancy process. It involves talking to employees who will be affected about the reasons why redundancy is proposed, alternatives to redundancy and the selection method for reducing numbers of employees.
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Do Employees Have the Right to Time Off to Attend a Funeral?
02 September 2019
In life unavoidably there is death and we will all suffer a bereavement from time to time. If the funeral falls on a working day, do employees have the right to attend?
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