Redundancy of Sick Employees
04 September 2019
Meaningful consultation is an essential part of the redundancy process. It involves talking to employees who will be affected about the reasons why redundancy is proposed, alternatives to redundancy and the selection method for reducing numbers of employees.
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Do Employees Have the Right to Time Off to Attend a Funeral?
02 September 2019
In life unavoidably there is death and we will all suffer a bereavement from time to time. If the funeral falls on a working day, do employees have the right to attend?
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Finding Mr Right*
23 August 2019
Many employers complain that the shortage of good quality candidates hinders business growth, so a good strategy at an early stage can help you.
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Too Many Balls in the Air?
14 August 2019
Sometimes it feels that we’re just trying to juggle too many balls at the same time. Everyone goes through periods when we are incredibly busy at work. For many of us that sense of being full-on all the time is a way of life.
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True Flexible Working Requires 24/7 Childcare
12 August 2019
Recently, a client, a small retail employer, has been asking advice about how to progress a situation with a long-term employee, Sammi, who had a baby about two years ago and is now struggling to cope.
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