GDPR and Medical Information
12 June 2019
Recently I have spent a lot of time dealing with employees’ health. Where an employee is ill employers are expected to do what they reasonably can to gain an understanding of the condition so that they can make reasonable adjustments if the employee is able to work and obtain a prognosis for return to work if the employee can’t work. Inevitably, that means getting some medical information.
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Laughter – the Best Teambuilder?
31 May 2019
Having a good laugh about something can lower blood pressure, exercise the lungs, pump more oxygen into the bloodstream and activate the endorphins that make us feel happy. Doctors report that patients who laugh recover quicker from serious illness. In addition, laughter strengthens your immune system, reduces stress and muscle tension.
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Need Help? Just Ask!
25 May 2019
If you don’t like asking for help at work, you’re not alone. Just the thought of it bring out the fear of being thought incompetent, being rejected, or looking silly. These fears can hamper us badly – after all, we can’t be expert on everything and it’s almost impossible to work properly without assistance from others.
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Knowledge of Disability
16 May 2019
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has recently allowed an appeal by an employee against the original tribunal’s decision to reject her claim for disability related discrimination even though her employer did not originally know that she was disabled.
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References Post-GDPR
09 May 2019
Last month a client received the resignation of an employee who had been offered another job. He had been an unsatisfactory during his brief employment. The client was preparing to start the termination process, though the employee was unaware of that when he resigned. They accepted his resignation and duly completed a reference form from the prospective employer. The reference was quite balanced, and in my view, they erred on the side of generosity.
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