How to Avoid Problems at the Works Christmas “Do”
15 November 2019
If you are planning a Christmas social event to thank your team for their efforts throughout the year, you need to ensure you take steps to reduce the risk. Your Christmas “do” might be a lunch, dinner, a party, a trip to the pantomime or a trip away. Whatever, the format, if it’s a work-related social occasion ensure that you take precautions to ensure it all goes smoothly.
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Promotion from the Shop Floor
06 November 2019
Everyone wants to succeed at work, but there are challenges if you’re promoted from the shop floor to a management role, especially if in consequence you must manage what were your former peers.
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Starting a Conversation About Poor Work Performance
05 November 2019
Many managers have a dread of having to tell one of their team members that they’re under-performing. It’s understandable; nobody wants to upset the under-performing team member. Often matters are just left, to the long-term detriment of the team and the team’s productivity. It’s very common.
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24 October 2019
Most of us complain that we don’t have enough time to do all the things we want and need to do. Time away from work is very precious, but holidays pass very quickly, and some organisations now offer extra, extended periods of time allowing employees to undertake a greater range of experiences and activities in their personal time.
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Stimulating Intellectual Curiosity
17 October 2019
Having a healthy and lively curiosity has been linked with psychological, emotional, social, and even health benefits. People who are curious tend to have active rather than passive minds. They ask questions and search for answers. They notice and are stimulated by new ideas. Life is far more exciting when you’re curious!
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