Can You Be More Productive with the Same Resources?
30 October 2020
Most businesses unquestioningly increase staff levels to cope with increasing workload. But before you do that, ask yourself: can we produce more with our existing resources? Yes, you can!
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Are You Ready for “Good Work”?
18 December 2019
In 2017 Matthew Taylor published his recommendations for the modern workplace. The report, now often abbreviated to “Good Work”, included a recommendation that workers are given a written statement of their main employment terms at an early stage.
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All the (Nine Million) Lonely People Where Do They All Come From?
06 December 2019
Loneliness is nothing new. The Beatles referenced it in Eleanor Rigby in 1966, but so long as humans have had the time to think about their inner emotions there has always been loneliness.
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Ways to Help Your Team Build Good Mental Health
29 November 2019
Organisations have to take what steps they reasonably can to reduce the risk of hazards to mental ill health. This also means they should try to build positive mental health. How can employers do that?
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Team Drawing to Generate Solutions to Problems
21 November 2019
Team problem solving often involves sitting in a room, discussing the issue to try and develop solutions. Drawing and doodling can help creative thinking, so why not try a different approach by asking your team to sketch out their ideas in visual form instead.
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