Developing Creative Thinking
18 January 2018
Some people are born to think creatively but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative if you’re not a natural.
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Are You Plugging the Benefits of Working in an SME?
13 September 2017
Most people want to work in a large business (in most cases simply because they have heard of the company) so if you’re an SME employer you will need to positively emphasise the advantages of being an SME to prospective candidates.
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Are You Keeping a Leadership Journal?
06 September 2017
If you keep a leadership journal, you’ll be in good company. Great leaders keep journals. Amongst those who kept a journal were Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Shackleton, Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, John D Rockefeller and Sir Edmund Hilary.
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Avoiding Burnout
02 September 2017
Companies with high burnout rates amongst their employees share a number of common elements, including excessively high levels of collaboration and poor time management.
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