Do Your Recruitment Research Thoroughly
27 May 2021
Good people really are your greatest asset. If you take the time to get your recruitment right, your business will perform far better and you are also likely to avoid future problems.
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Notice of Termination
14 April 2021
We are slowly returning to work and things will pick up eventually. For many small businesses, it’s still a real struggle and workload and revenue are still well below that of pre-pandemic levels. One of my clients, C Ltd, has recently had to reduce headcount.
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How to Deal with Toxic Employees
18 March 2021
In the course of my working life, I come across a surprising amount of unpleasant behaviour. Toxic employees are bad news. They can cost you money, time, and the loss of good staff.
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Key Tricks to Speed Up Productivity
17 February 2021
Recently I read that people lose about eight days a year by using the mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts. Eight days … that’s quite an eye opener. You might think that using keyboard shortcuts isn’t really an HR matter. But ...
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How to Manage the Boundaries When You’re Working from Home
28 January 2021
One of those facts of lockdown life is that we are expected to work from home (WFH) if we can. Responses to WFH vary enormously. Here some tips to help those who are finding it hard to stop to leave work at the door at the end of the day.
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