Can Different Cultures Find Common Ground in the Global Workplace?
11 April 2018
Finding good quality talent is at the top of many business’ agenda and as time goes on we’re likely to see more international teams bringing together different nationalities and cultures.
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Can You Build Emotional Resilience?
04 April 2018
Many people seem to suffer stress and anxiety for very minor of reasons. For some sufferers this condition is quite genuine, though there’s a good number of people who give “stress” as a reason to go sick as soon as anything they don’t like happens at work.
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Do You Transmit the Right Leadership Signals?
28 March 2018
Over the last few days one of my clients has expressed concerns about one of his supervisors, Adrian. Adrian has been promoted quite recently. He can handle most of the day-to-day aspects of the job and is generally very competent. The problem is that if work build up, Adrian panics and loses his temper.
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Creativity – communication – health
21 March 2018
In terms of reading I have chameleon tendencies. Here’s a good example. Yesterday I was found myself thinking about the tediosity of having to sort out all my papers for the end of my VAT quarter.
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Switch Off!
14 March 2018
Do you regularly switch off from work? I mean fully? In that “didn’t worry about it, didn’t have a to-do list buzzing away at the back of your brain, didn’t sit bolt upright in the middle of the night scribbling notes, turned your smart device off and left it in a drawer” sort of way?
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