Learning from Peers
24 January 2019
When people want to learn a skill, turning to colleagues for help is often the first thing they do. And that’s a great way to do it. Acquiring knowledge from colleagues is very well suited to the way people learn. We absorb skills and knowledge; practice by applying them; get feedback; and think about what has been learned. Learning from our colleagues encompasses all of these.
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Coping With Other Peoples’ Stress
16 January 2019
I expect you know that if you smile the world smiles with you? It’s true! And if you work with people who are optimistic and cheerful, you’re more likely to feel upbeat too. On the other hand, if your colleagues are stressed and unhappy you’re more likely to be affected.
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Recruitment v Greater Efficiency
11 January 2019
In most companies there comes a point when if you want to grow, you recognise that you have to bring in more resource. But when do you reach that point? It’s very common to hear complaints about high volumes of work. But as the team leader, how do you know whether you need more people, or whether the team could be working more efficiently?
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How to Recruit the A Team
20 December 2018
When I was researching and writing Build Your Dream Team, a book which helps readers take a more creative approach to recruitment, I read 'Who' by Geoff Smart and Randy Street. It’s an excellent read and sets out their method for choosing A listers.
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How to make a success of Flexible Working
10 December 2018
Studies suggest that around 70% of British office workers feel more productive working away from the office. 38% say they are more creative out of the office, and 90% say flexible working doesn't impact their ability to collaborate with colleagues.
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