21 September 2018

Wellbeing – employee engagement – motivation

September 2018 is the twentieth anniversary of starting my HR business. A celebration is due, I feel!

I am incredibly proud to have achieved this milestone. On average 56% of business start-ups close within five years. So keeping going for 20 years is quite something.

Running your own business is not for the faint hearted. It’s taken an incredible amount of time, focus, hard work, making and learning from mistakes, and sheer teeth-gritted perseverance to get to this point. There’s no work-life balance for the owners of most SMEs.

At the same time it’s also been enormous fun. I have learned so much and been given wonderful opportunities that would never have come my way had I stayed an employee.

I’m planning a celebration of the business’ 20th birthday. It’s significant milestone. The celebration will include not just team members and clients, but members of the outsourced support team too.

Marking an important milestone with a celebration is a great opportunity to build engagement and a greater sense of belonging, of being part of a success.
You can create a culture of appreciation when you hold celebrations to mark important achievements. Employees enjoy an increased sense of purpose when they see how they are contributing to the company’s success. Being acknowledged and rewarded by way of a celebration gives them a reason to work harder. In the longer term, it also helps to retain talent.

The Society for Human Resource Management and Globoforce commissioned a study in 2015 which reported that employee recognition had a significant effect on the bottom-line, helping to cultivate a positive work culture. Over 800 HR professionals took part in the survey. The key findings were as follows.

  • 90 percent say it positively impacted engagement.
  • 86 percent say it increased employee happiness.
  • 84 percent say it improved employee relationships.
  • 68 percent say it positively impacted retention.

Celebrations are also a great opportunity to promote the business externally. You can engage external stakeholders to reinforce external branding and create awareness among your target audience.

Parties, team events, bonuses, creating special memorabilia or promotional items are just some of the great ways to create buzz around the milestone from. Make sure it’s trumpeted in your corporate communications too.

Combine CSR with your celebration in a way that aligns with your theme. Supporting a good cause and engaging employees in related volunteer work can inspire trust of the employees and establishes you as a caring and responsible corporate business, internally and externally.

Celebrations don’t always have to be complicated and expensive. The key is to celebrate smaller achievements regularly to give employees a sense of belonging and appreciation.

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